ClearPower Heat to Power Generators

ClearPower heat to power generators utilizing combined waste heat recover to power generation technology.

ClearPower Systems Inc. heat to power generator utilizes waste heat that is lost energy from various heat sources to generate electricity with no added fuel consumption or exhaust emissions. This waste heat would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere as an unused resource.

The electrical generator unit can be tailored to your specific electrical requirements whether it is voltage, the number of phases, Hertz and asynchronous or inductive electrical generation. This flexibility allows the unit to be installed in a variety of locations that have specific interconnect requirements or can be tailored to the specific power distribution equipment being utilized.

The unique proprietary technology behind the ClearPower system is a purpose designed orbital scroll expander that delivers very high efficiency and performance. Scroll technology has been used in millions of compressors and expanders over many years and have proven their reliability and long operating life. This expander allows the ClearPower system to deliver a much higher net power output than comparable systems. The expander is designed for a long service life and for ease of maintenance.

The balance of the ClearPower Systems Inc. heat to power generator system is comprised of uniquely packaged technologies that have proven performance and durability in many applications. The controls are PLC based and can be customized to the specific installation and application through a variety of available options. The package is designed to fit in a sea borne container and a freight elevator to allow it to be easily transported.

Additionally specific purpose packaging is available for installations requiring specialized packaging. ClearPower products are designed to improve the emission standards and power output of large internal combustion engines while offering high levels of durability and reliability all at an effective price point and attractive ROI Projected performance can vary due to operating conditions or unanticipated loses due to operating conditions.

Typical ORC Installation

  • Customer responsible for the balance of the plant
  • Customer responsible for engineering, procuring and installing equipment
  • Field installation is expensive
  • Equipment compatibility issues may occur
  • Expensive custom designed and manufactured enclosure

Typical Clear Power Incinerator Installation

Questor combustors, commonly used to eliminate flare gas in the oil fields to landfill gas combustion to remove harmful Methane gas. These combustors alone remove 99.99% of all GHG, excellent for the environment, but coupled with a ClearPower Waste Heat Recovery ORC can double the benefit by using the exhaust heat to generate electricity. Utilizing this heat stream can supplement plant power or be sold back to the grid. Either way, once the initial investment is recovered your solution can be generating power virtually for free!

Typical Clear Power Biogas Engine Integration

Biogas engines either reciprocating or turbine are widely used as a standby backup to grid power or in standalone power stations. Biogas can be produced from multiple different sources such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, animal waste and sewage treatment plants.

ClearPower Systems provides biogas producers with a turnkey option to design, integrate and deploy a complete Waste Heat Recovery ORC system for their process. Utilizing our ORC technology in their process not only increases the electrical production of the plant, but once the initial investment is returned it does it virtually for free.